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Addressing The Real World Educational Needs Of Information Security
[2009-07-17] What has been interesting is the amount of interest in the information security program that we have written lately, and this includes how we are using technology in an educational environment, as well as the view of information security and who we are as an industry.

Implementing An Open Certification Standard Government Policy
[2009-06-29] Rajiv Shah and Jay Kesan wrote the paper "running code as part of an open standards policy" arguing that the "running code" requirement - i.e. multiple independent, interoperable implementations of an open standard - should be part of governments' open standards policies.

Should Maintaining The Accuracy Of IT Certification Be Ongoing?
[2009-06-04] You are only as safe as your expert opinion . But then the question is, what if the expert opinion is followed, and you are certified and you still get a data breach that costs the company millions of dollars.

The Understanding And Implementation Of Cloud Computing
[2009-05-22] I have been to my share of conferences and webinars on cloud computing the last two years and I have also read the content of many colleagues who live blog, blog, and/or tweet at cloud conferences as well. What I am finding is that most of the talking is being done by vendors, analysts, security gurus, and people who just flat our resist change.

What Are The Major Benefits From Being Certified?
[2009-05-06] And why you are at it, also get a certificate in something techy along the way. Is college the right path to succeed? With all the layoff's and an economy still stuck in the downturn or at least struggling at a pseudo bottom, the question of college as a way to make it through the hiring process is something that you should be thinking about.

IT Certification Looks Toward Freeware Or Freedom
[2009-04-17] Earlier this week Forrester released a report titled: "Open Source Software Goes Mainstream".  While the title may not be breaking news to readers of Open Sources, the data backing up the report is well worth the read.  The report is based on responses from over 1100 software development decision makers in North American and European enterprises and SMBs.  According to the survey, the top three planning goals for 2009 are:

The Current IT State Of Cloud Computing
[2009-04-03] I spent two days at the Cloud Computing Expo in NYC this past week and want to share my thoughts on the state of the cloud. Here are my thoughts in no particular order…

The Next Big Thing To Learn Is Cloud Computing
[2009-03-20] Whenever you roll out a new technology, there are always changes to how people perceive that technology, and the ramifications to employment that technology has. Cloud computing is disruptive, allowing fewer people to do stuff that an entire IT Shop used to do.

IDC Revises Global IT Spending Growth In 2009
[2009-02-27] The continued decline of the global economy has led IDC to revise its forecast for worldwide IT spending in 2009.

New Study Points To Better-Paying IT Certifications
[2009-02-02] An old Irish phrase that's meant to be said to friends mentions something about the sun shining on a person's face and the wind being at his back. These days, you'd almost want to change that to his job being secure and bank accounts being full, and new info from Foote Partners indicates which IT certifications are likely to best fit that picture.

Léo Apotheker on The State of IT
[2009-01-11] Yesterday, a very interesting and enlightening conversation between Léo Apotheker, SAP co-CEO, and Andy McAfee got aired on TV with the ever resourceful Charlie Rose as the host and getting down to business right away. In that 23 minute interview, which I can highly recommend watching, the topic of whether IT -specially Enterprise Software- can help in the current crisis or not came up and I must say that although I enjoyed listening to the answers, I think that they are still missing an important point that, I can't believe, yet again, has been taken for granted.

Have Your IT Leaders Fallen Behind?
[2008-12-05] I have spent a lot of time recently questioning the leadership of IT organizations who become a cost center due to a "keeping the lights on" mentality and have asked the question Are we Sleeping at the Wheel?.

Informatica Starts Data Quality Certification Program
[2008-11-07] Informatica Corporation has introduced its Informatica Data Quality Certification program for its partners, customers and other IT professionals wanting to extend, standardize and validate their skill in supporting customer data quality initiatives.

SCDM Announces New Exam And Certification Record
[2008-10-10] The Society for Clinical Data Management has been busy. First, the SCDM introduced a new version of its Certified Clinical Data Manager exam. Then, the organization certified what it describes as a high of 330 individuals.

The Need for Open Source Skills
[2008-09-12] Bernard Golden, Navica CEO and known open source expert, in his recent report "Open Source in the Enterprise" dedicates a section to open source skills, returning interesting evidence of actual use of open source within enterprises.

Is a Security Certification Necessary?
[2008-08-28] Two great posts on "to cert or not to cert" in the never ending debate on if a security certification is the right thing to do reopens the contentious debate.

Get Ahead With Preview of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
[2008-08-15] Come October and Ubuntu fans shall cherish yet another release of the next Ubuntu - Intrepid Ibex (along with its derivatives - Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc.)

IT Certification Cons Being Addressed
[2008-07-25] Imagine showing up at a job interview with your impressive resume all in order. Then some drooling dunce comes in with the same IT certifications. Well, a movement against cheating should prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Information Security Certification Guide
[2008-06-27] Information Security Certifications are part of the credentialing landscape for an information security professional, and in many ways, those just generally interested in the subject.

ISP Suggested As Certification Standard
[2008-06-02] By paying a few fees and sacrificing a handful of stamps, it's possible to get several degrees within a single month. Tell anybody about those degrees, though, and you'll hear laughter instead of congratulations. To some extent, the same problem can come up regarding IT certifications.

The Technology or the Presenter?
[2008-02-01] Another interesting presentation today at the iLinc Customer Summit came from Barb Nead-Nylander of the Dow Chemical Company.

Studying for Certification Exams
[2007-12-21] Well, I'd signed up to take the CompTIA A+ exam at the end of November but things got very out of control business-wise (one got busier, and the other got sold) so I hadn't done a lot in terms of getting ready.

Prince2 Practitioner New Exam Format
[2007-11-09] The new Prince2 Practitioner exam is in multiple choice format.

Considering the A+ Certification Exam
[2007-09-21] I know, I'm not an IT person.

On DNS Troubleshooting
[2007-08-31] DNS problems can cause all sorts of strange network behavior.

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